Project brief: To create an event space that engages the press through an educational breakfast seminar. The event needs to portray the essence of the brand and present the three new products in an engaging manner. The event will need to accommodate 60 guests and will include a drinks reception upon entry followed by a seated breakfast. The event will aim to educate the press on the science behind anti-ageing and the overall importance of using preventative skincare.
Result: An iconic Central London venue was selected to host this event. The blank white canvas of the building was transformed into a scientific laboratory/school classroom, lined with rows of school style white tables dressed with scientific glassware, school-style stationary and a packed lunch for each guest. The focal point to the space was the central table, dressed as if it was a school teachers desk and embellished with giant glass beakers, flasks and other scientific paraphernalia. To create further atmosphere and to emphasise the use of natural produce within the SkinCeuticals product line, a cubic box installation filled with planting and botanicals formed a central feature of the Botanical Garden that linked the guests with the natural produce used in SkinCeuticals and the relevance to anti-ageing.